Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!

Its leap day and what was more perfect teach my kids in math about other than TIME! Oh my heavens I couldn't have planned that any better. We had to talk about seconds to minutes, minutes to the hour, hours to the day, days to the month... (which was what got the discussion on Leap Year started) then we talked about months to year, years to decade, and years to century. It was awesome that they got to see the root words used because we had been doing measurement before and seeing the same words in a different context really helped to illustrate the concept of the meaning of those words!

So back to the month thing! These kids had never heard of the knuckle trick to tell months of the year. So if you aren't familiar either. You hold up both fists and then start counting out the months with the first knuckle. February goes in the dip between the knuckles and then you count March on the next knuckle and so on. IF the month lands on a knuckle, it has 31 days in it. If the month lands in the dip, it has 28 or 30. Then the kids were like... "No today is the 29th so sometimes they have 29." Great application to what we are learning and then I had to explain all about leap year. I guess their favorite part was learning that if someone was born on a Leap Year, they haven't had as many birthdays so if someone is 16, they really only had 4 birthdays.

Oh the discussions and the animated conversations you have with your students!
Speaking of which! Dr. Seuss Day is in two days! And then Pi Day is coming up on the 14th and then St. Patrick's day! I seriously haven't put any thought into those days! I better get on that and go check out what others got up on TPT!

Thanks for reading my silliness and check back with me. I just bought an app that's supposed to help me make sure that I blog more!


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