Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Great TPT Back-To-School Sale! What am I buying?!

Okay everyone! Its time to start getting ready for school.
I'm curriculum mapping like crazy and trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to start off this new year to make it #bestyearever!

So is getting ready to throw their 'Back-to-School' sale and I'll be darned if I miss it! Its about 20% off plus take an extra 8% off on certain products. So if you buy of TPT, now is the time to do it. I always wait until the sales if I'm going to buy stuff and I'm definitely going to be buying the best of the best of stuff for my new little 3rd graders!

So what am I going to buy? Well my philosophy is if it isn't my forte and I don't know how to make it, then I'm going to buy it. I'm only buying things that I'm going to need for the first part of the school year. So couple things that have had my eye over the summer:

Back-To-School Stuff:
Create-Abilities made this ADORABLE booklet that I'm so giving out on Back-to-School Night! Its $4 regularly -

My classroom theme is Basketball! So I found an awesome Powerpoint to use for Back-to-School night. Now normally I wouldn't buy this, I would probably make this. BUT it looks super good. I really don't think I could make something this cute and have it ready in time. I only have two weeks to be set up! Its $5 by ARTrageous Fun!  (I like that name!)

I am debating on this one... its a flip-flap book. I like the idea... sort of. I've never done a flip flap book and it is one that is all about students for the first day of school. I would really work on it during the first two weeks of school. Its $4 and its by 'Simply Skilled in Second'.

3rd Grade starts with Multiplication and teaching math facts:

So first is a unit on Multiplication created by a teacher named Ashleigh - Its $10 regularly and I'm super excited to see the entire unit. If I like it, I'll be probably buying the rest of her math stuff.

Also to go with it I want an interactive notebook that I found by 'The Not So Wimpy Teacher'
and its only $5 regularly. She also has interactive notebooks for every unit. It will be cool to see how her stuff works and if I like it, again, I'll probably buy the rest of her stuff.

I found a Ninja Math Fact tracker that I loved by this teacher named Kelly Malloy. I emailed and asked her if she would make it in a Basketball theme! She did! I'm stoked! Its $6 for each version.

Language Arts:
I start by teaching Parts of Speech so I found some cool stuff.

Here are some Task Cards for $2 by 'The Not So Wimpy Teacher'

Here are some Tab-Its by 'Simply Skilled In Second' and I've never done Tab-its before so this will be a first. I'll let you know what I think of them. These are a little on the pricey side so I'll see if its worth it. They are $8.

Lastly, I'm thinking of Reading Groups and I'm debating on this one! It looks pretty cool. Its a No Prep Printable Reading Activities by G'day Y'all Teaching at its regularly $5.

Social Studies:
Okay! So one of my most favorite TPT Authors is Kayse Morris! I've watched all her videos and I think she's the best. If she taught with me, I'm sure she'd be my TBF (Teacher Best Friend). Anything she makes, I pretty much buy! I suck at making the interactive notebooks! She's a rockstar and her lesson plans are super easy to follow! So here is the entire interactive notebook for 3rd Grade for Social Studies! What a bargain! And its only $10 regularly!

The first unit I teach in 3rd is on the Moon! I made a whole STEM unit during the summer (which wasn't very long since I was year-round) and I love it. I consider it cheap because its an ENTIRE UNIT for only $5.99 and as soon as I put it up, people were seeing the value and buying it.
Check it out! Oh and yes it will be on sale these next few days!

Anyways I find myself getting impatient when I make interactive notebooks and that sort of thing. 'Simply Skilled in Second' has a cool book that I am going to buy. Its regularly $4.

So the sale hasn't started and my checkout total is $75.25. I'm hoping that goes down! I've already way over spent my budget for this school year and now everything is coming out of my own pockets! That's switching grades for ya! But I'm super excited for this new school year! As I'm signin' off I got 15 days until school starts!

Check out that awesome TPT sale that starts tomorrow and don't forget to check out my store! 


Edit: Just wanted to let you know, the sale started at my total with the 28% discount was...... $54.63! And yep! I'm buying ALL OF IT! Even the stuff I felt ??? Super excited for teacher sales! 

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