Wednesday, August 3, 2016

After the TPT Sale, Did it Take Anyone Else Hours to Clean Up Your Computer?

Oh my gosh! I can't tell you how much the stuff I got from TPT made me excited. I have friends that are like "Oh I refuse to spend money on TPT and will only use the free stuff." I think "That's a shame, the free stuff is only samples of the amazing stuff on there." But I'm not going to say that to them. When they ask me where I get my stuff, then I'll tell them!

So after the sale, I realized that my files were all SUPER cluttered! Screenshots and files I'm working on were littering my desktop! And then I had another row of stuff that I need to print for school! So I realized, it was time to officially declutter my computer! First I started with downloads. I will be honest, I get a lot of free stuff off TPT and its not what I am looking for. So it needed to get deleted or sorted into a file in a place I'll use it. Then I went over to documents and threw out everything there except for the assignments that were from my master's program. I don't know why, but I couldn't part with them just yet.

Now pretty much everything else was on the desktop! Oh yeah.... it was THAT BAD! I'm not even kidding you! Files were on top of files. So I started creating files. If you don't know how to do that, its a right click on the desktop (don't be hovering over anything else). I got things sorted into 16 files! (Granted some of the files are personal.) So here's my list of files:
  • School Pictures
  • Personal Pictures (like from my wedding) 
  • School (General Files)
  • 3rd Grade Science (Where I'm putting files I gather for my units) 
  • STEM (Homework for my Endorsement/activities I find to do with my students)
  • SLO Folder (This part of school teacher evaluations for merit pay) 
  • JPAS (The other part of teacher evaluations) 
  • Reports (All student data) 
  • Movies (These are personal movies that I put on my computer like Harry Potter)
  • To Print (Everything that as soon as I can go to school needs to get printed)
  •  Bill Nye Videos (the state has permission that allows us to download to school computers) 
  • Games (these are games that I want to do with students) 
  • TPT (projects and PDFs of final stuff that I have on TPT)
  • TPT Resources (Files, fonts, graphics, anything I use to make products) 
  • TPT ideas (Screenshots of things I want to do or make) 
There are still a couple more files, pdfs, documents, powerpoints on my background but those are things that I want to see everyday so that I don't forget about them or where I put them. I don't store anything in documents. I put them all in folders on the desktop to makes things easier for me. SO... its your turn: how do you file things on your computer? Comment and let me know! 

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Emma Tellerburs said...

In my company we have huge printing machine and can print a lot in only a few seconds. That's great.