Thursday, August 4, 2016

Force! Motion! Energy!

Science standards are changing even with the New Common Core Standards being introduced. STEM is being implemented everywhere! So when I got an email for a new STEM endorsement program in my state, I jumped at the opportunity. So far, its been some of the absolute best professional development I've ever had. I think a lot of it is due to the topic and another huge portion is due to the two ladies running the program, Peggy and Antinette. Seriously fun ladies and I adore that they are TBFs (Teacher Best Friends). Most other professional development is okay, but these classes are hands on and the things we do in the program are things that we can take directly back to our classroom. There are 6 classes total and we have done four. Two more to go and I'm so excited! 

Throughout the endorsement, the homework is to create a unit of 3 to 5 lessons that take the cross-cutting concept we are working on and integrate it with the Common Core Science Standard for our grade. So I have been doing one unit per class. So this last class during the summer, the cross-cutting concept was ENERGY! The 3rd grade science standard is FORCE AND MOTION! Hence the title of my new unit. What's getting great about my unit planning is that every time I write a new unit, it gets better than the old one. So some older units that I've done include Fossils, Rocks and Minerals, Soil, and Adaptations. This new unit is one of my best units yet. The graphics are better, there is better organization, standards are included, and the lessons are easy to follow with an outline and the materials that you need. 

So lets get down to it! Let me tell you all about my lesson plan on Force! Motion! Energy! First you have all the standards and objectives listed so you know exactly what to expect to teach. (Great resource if you are required to turn lesson plans into someone like your principal). Next you have a list of all the materials for the unit you are going to need. Give your students the pretest and set the test aside after grading it. Its really cool when students can compare pre to post test results. Next is an anticipatory set of questions to get your students really thinking about force, motion, and energy. 

Next you have vocabulary cards and word wall cards along with a lesson plan on introducing the vocabulary words. Students then have a follow up worksheet that I am fully intending to let them use the word wall to help answer the questions. 

After teaching the vocabulary, you have 13 lessons all ready to go that integrate reading into science.  Each lesson has a video to watch, a reading passage with text dependent questions that the students have to highlight the answers in order to answer the question. Lastly there is an activity that is super easy to reinforce the idea. 

There are 6 interactive notebook activities that help the interactive notebook. 

Lastly comes the STEM! I love this part! There are 6 STEM activities for students to do that have worksheets with them to guide students along with their project! Its super fun! Here's a sneak peek! 

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